Woodmere Art Museum

— Brand Identity, 2020 — Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch

  • Objective —

    To create a new brand identity for an existing brand

  • About —

    Woodmere Art Museum focuses on showcasing artwork of local artists in Philadelphia and connecting arts with nature. They offer programs after museum hours such as lectures, panel discussions, gallery talks, musical performances, films, and educational programs for a variety of age groups.

  • Process —

    For the logo, the concept combines frames and pinecones to reflect the mission of displaying art created by local artists and the museum’s location surrounded by nature; this motif extends to other applications as well. The colors are inspired by the common colors that are seen in nature as well as paint buckets. There needed to be an emphasis on depicting the engaging atmosphere and a close-knit community; keywords include art, nature, joy, learning, and opportunity.

  • tickets
  • membership and gift cards
  • gift packaging
  • catalogue
  • poster
  • bathroom signage
  • tote-bag-2
  • crewneck
  • paper bags
  • phone cases
  • notebooks
  • pens
  • process 1
  • process 2
  • process 3
  • process 4