Little Joys in Life

— Independent Project, 2020 — Canon EOS M50 15-45mm, Adobe Photoshop, Bridge

  • Objective —

    To create a self-driven collection of photographs with a chosen topic, method, and subject

  • About —

    We all might be busy living our own lives but we can still find little joys throughout the day-to-day. Little Joys in Life showcases a collection of photographs that depict people in their most natural state of pursuing what they love regardless of how great in size those activities may be: from getting flowers to playing music.

  • Process —

    Models in these photographs were interviewed prior to their photoshoots in order to grasp a better understanding of who they are as people. The main goal was to evoke a feeling of warmth and thankfulness for the joys we are able to pursue as we all go through our own experiences in life. All photographs were required to be in black and white.