Home / 집

— Street Photography, 2020 — Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III 12-45mm, Adobe Photoshop, Bridge

  • Objective —

    To depict the neighbourhood I live in

  • About —

    Home is such a beautiful word that evokes a warm feeling just from hearing it. It is the place where we spent our childhood, adolescence, and the early years of adulthood. There might be some things about home we find inconvenient, whether that is the general condition of the neighbourhood, the local transportation system, or anything else. Yet, there are so many things that our homes and our neighbourhoods give us that we may not even realize until we leave it. There was a desire to capture this neighbourhood before my family moved to a different home.

  • Process —

    There were many places that were kept in mind before taking these photographs. It involved a lot of walking to places that were familiar and often visited. A mixture of nature and industrial aspects were emphasized. Because this neighbourhood would become an “old neighbourhood” after moving to a different home, it was desired to create black-and-white photographs to evoke a sense of nostalgia.