CineGraph Studios

— Brand Identity, 2021 — Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Sketch

  • Objective —

    To create a rebrand portraying the creative values of the company

  • About —

    CineGraph Studios is a local creative film studio based in New Jersey that operates as a small crew. Its expertise is in commercial and corporate work with occasional experimentation in narratives, music videos, and documentaries.

  • Process —

    The previous design had an industrial aesthetic and contained too many pieces. Therefore, the primary goal was to minimize the use of components in order to enhance the legibility and recognition of the studio; the idea of using a geometric form was still in place. The frame and the recording button components are intuitive where it reminds viewers of film, and the elongated forms of some letters portray the growing potential of the studio.

  • pens
  • notebook
  • tote-bag-1
  • crewneck-2
  • tape 1
  • id-card
  • sketch 1
  • sketch 2
  • sketch 3
  • sketch 4

CineGraph Studios Brand Identity, 2021

  • Project Owner — CineGraph Studios

    Project Management — CineGraph Studios

  • Creative/Art Direction — Jaeeun Eugenie Kwon

    Corporate/Brand Identity — Jaeeun Eugenie Kwon

    Corporate/Brand Application — Jaeeun Eugenie Kwon

    Motion Graphics — Jaeeun Eugenie Kwon

    Web Design Consulting — Jaeeun Eugenie Kwon