Artspace H

— Brand Identity / UI/UX, 2021 — Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Sketch

  • Objective —

    To create a new brand identity, renew the official website, and expand the social media presence to achieve more visual engagement and information clarity

  • About —

    Artspace H provides unique exhibitions to the general public, participates in diverse art fairs, and assists art collectors and visitors with their needs. The gallery discovers and supports rising artists while they plan and direct a variety of exhibitions.

  • Process —

    The new pictorial mark includes the imagery of the folding wall (with the hidden H) where it represents creating a valuable and comfortable space for viewers; it is flexible to create different spaces and routes depending on each exhibition. Since the folding wall is not constrained to a particular orientation, it matches with the gallery’s mission and values of being flexible and creative. Additionally, it was not necessary to use the words “gallery” and “artspace” together since they essentially share the same meaning. As Artspace H marked its 14th year anniversary, it is continuing to emphasize the H for humanity, harmony, and happiness. In order to contain the values of the H and the modern aspect all in one, the wordmark was created to have the rounded corners of the counter spaces and sharp corners outside of the letters. In addition, the official website and the Instagram page (and other social media pages) needed some major changes to the copywriting and the organization/layout, which creates more effectiveness in providing information. Posts and updates are more visually engaging, especially upcoming and current exhibitions.

  • tote-bag
  • box
  • crewneck
  • stickers
  • poster
  • brochure
  • sketch 1
  • sketch 2
  • sketch 3

Artspace H Brand Identity, 2021

  • Project Owner — Artspace H

    Project Management — Artspace H

  • Creative/Art Direction — Jaeeun Eugenie Kwon

    Brand Identity — Jaeeun Eugenie Kwon

    Brand Application — Jaeeun Eugenie Kwon

    Motion Graphics — Jaeeun Eugenie Kwon

    Web Design — Jaeeun Eugenie Kwon